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Student Research Program

The UCI Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care Student Research Program welcomes undergraduate student researchers to assist in executing approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) studies in the perioperative environment.

The Student Research Program provides stimulating and rewarding research opportunities for undergraduate students. Student researchers will be assigned tasks that range from initiating the informed consent process to data acquisition and data clean-up for analysis. There may also be opportunities to assist with drafting abstracts or manuscripts for publication.

Bio Sci 199

Undergraduate students accepted to the Student Research Program will be officially enrolled through the UCI School of Biological Sciences Bio Sci 199 Research Program and the Student Research Intern Program (SRIP). The Bio Sci 199 program enables UCI undergraduate students to pursue independent research for school credit by conducting experimental laboratory, field or clinical research as an apprentice scientist.

Non-UC Irvine undergraduates may inquire if research projects are available through the Student Research Intern Program (SRIP).

The Student Research Program does not offer exclusive clinical shadowing experiences. Any potential opportunity to be in the clinical environment is conditional and can be revoked for violating any of the research program’s expectations, rules and regulations.

Students who are interested in working with faculty, resident, fellow or staff members associated with UCI Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care MUST first contact the Anesthesiology Research Office. The Department does not condone any collaboration that is not initiated by first contacting the Anesthesia Research Team.

Minimum Requirements

  • Undergraduate students must be 18 years of age or older
  • May not be enrolled in high school
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 units (4 hours per 1 unit) for one academic year
  • Must anticipate shifts between 4 to 6 hours at least two days a week (No shifts are offered during holidays listed in the UCI Quarterly Academic Calendar)

How to apply

We are currently no longer accepting applications. Please check back at a later time.

Interested students should submit the following by email to anesthresearch@uci.edu

Inquiries should be submitted by the following deadline:

Quarter Deadline
Summer First Friday of May
Winter First Friday of November
Fall First Friday of July
Spring First Friday of February


Do I need prior research experience or experience with patients before I can apply?

While prior research and/or patient interaction would be ideal, students without direct experience should still apply. Students should leverage skills from work or volunteer experience. All applicants should have a basic knowledge of general research procedures.

Can I split up my shifts for the day?

No. Depending on the day, students are expected at 6 a.m. Monday through Wednesday or 7:30 a.m. on Thursdays. The four hour shift minimum is consecutive and cannot be split up during the day.

My schedule currently does not work with the stated research hours, should I change my classes to accommodate volunteering?

No. Do not adjust your schedule to accommodate available research hours as we cannot guarantee space or that you will be selected. We are not responsible for any scheduling errors or conflicts.

I am wait-listed for a class and I am unsure if my schedule will work. Should I still reach out?

Yes. We understand the difficulty in getting into necessary courses. Please let us know within your application submission that you are currently wait-listed for a class and your schedule is subject to change.

I already reached out to an Anesthesia Provider in the Department and they said I could work with them. Should I still submit an application?

Students should NOT reach out directly to any faculty, resident, fellow or staff. This circumvents our volunteer procedures and we will NOT accept any students who have not inquired about availability through the application process outlined above. There are no exceptions.

I am a graduating senior, am I still eligible to apply?

It depends. As we typically ask for a one-year commitment, we ask that graduating seniors prove they can provide three consecutive quarters of research. Our on-boarding process is long and our research procedures are not conducive to short-term candidates. Also, upon graduating, students would no longer be eligible for Bio 199 or the SRIP program.

I am only available in the summer, can I still apply?

Yes. Summer only research is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Priority is given to eligible non-UCI students whose university and/or college is not local. These non-UCI students are expected to return for an additional summer.

I have already graduated collage, am I eligible for the SRIP program?

No. The SRIP is reserved for undergraduate students and high school students as young as 16 years old.

I am a high school student, am I eligible for to apply?

No. UCI Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care does not accept high school students. You must be at least 18 years of age with a high school degree for consideration in the Student Research Program.

Research Office Hours

Our Research Office follows the UCI Quarterly Academic Calendar, which includes all holidays and breaks.

Monday to Wednesday
6 a.m. - 3 p.m.

7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Contact Information

For questions about the Student Research Program, contact:

Paulette Mensah
Clinical Research Coordinator