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Research in anesthesiology


The UCI Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care recognizes that research is vital for the continued success and future development of the field of anesthesiology and the safety of our patients.

Our department actively encourages and supports research on all levels. Faculty, residents and fellows have ample opportunities to engage in innovative research tracks that include clinical, basic science, translational, medical education, and pain medicine. Our goal is to promote academic anesthesiologists who are growing the field's clinical knowledge through evidence-based research. Many of our researchers produced a large number of publications and regularly present at national and international meetings.

Many of our faculty continue to contribute to new ideas and discoveries to the field with ongoing collaborations with other institutions and departments as well as other UCI centers, such as the UCI Research and Development Center, UCI Beall Applied Innovation, UCI Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, UCI Institute for the Study of Cannabis and the UCI Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Science where a development of exciting new approaches to information processing and analytics in critical care are taking place.

The alliance of basic science research faculty and clinical research faculty facilitates the generation of exciting and board reaching research projects, including those focused on pain management and the molecular and cellular underpinnings of pain, non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring, geriatric anesthesia, adult and pediatric pain and pediatric perioperative anxiety.