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Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

Anesthesiologists with cardiac anesthesia patient

The UCI cardiothoracic anesthesia team consists of board-certified anesthesiologists specializing in providing anesthesia for patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery at UCI Health.

UCI Health offers the most advanced cardiovascular diseases services program in Orange County, offering a full range of procedures with leading-edge devices and technologies for patients with heart problems. In addition to routine open-heart surgeries such as coronary artery bypass procedures, valve repairs and replacement, repair of ascending aortic dissection/aneurysm, UCI Health cardiology services also provide a wide-spectrum of minimally invasive procedures such as mitral and aortic valve repair, left ventricular assisted device (LVAD) placement, transcutaneous aortic valve replacement (TVAR), mitral valve clip, and Watchman procedures. A wide-spectrum of life support devices procedures includes ProtekDuo for venous-venous extracorporeal oxygenation (ECMO) and standard peripheral and centrally cannulated ECMO support.

The UCI cardiothoracic anesthesia team consists of board-certified anesthesiologists specializing in cardiovascular anesthesia. In addition to the standard monitors and equipment routinely used during cardiothoracic procedures, all of our cardiac anesthesia operating rooms utilize transesophageal echo-cardiography with state-of-the art four dimensional capabilities allowing our cardiac anesthesiologists to monitor heart function continuously throughout the surgery. Our cardiothoracic anesthesia team works collaboratively with cardiologists to ensure patients are provided the best and safest anesthesia care and monitoring throughout the whole surgery process.


UCI Health Cardiology Services

UCI Health is Orange County’s most advanced cardiovascular disease services program, with a full range of procedures and leading-edge devices for patients with severe heart problems.

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