Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care: School of Medicine: University of California, Irvine

Areas of Interest

Joseph Rinehart, MD photo

Joseph B. Rinehart, MD

Associate Clinical Professor
Director, Clinical Research

Dr. Rinehart's primary research interest is in biomedical technology and monitoring, and looking at new ways that advances in computing power can be translated into advances in patient safety and care.

Since mid-2010 Dr. Rinehart has been working on intelligent monitoring algorithms that can independently track patient status and make recommendations as to appropriate interventions. The ultimate goal of software like this is the integration of all the various monitors and devices in the operating room into a single system that can provide another layer of patient safety. As that goal is still a long way off, and as a first step in that direction, current work involves gathering and analyzing data from the existing monitoring systems in real-time and looking at ways to provide that information to clinicians in a readily understood way.

Additional interest areas include real-time waveform analysis, in-silico cardiovascular simulation, and closed-loop (automated) systems for clinical management.

Selected Publications

  1. Lilot M, Ehrenfeld JM, Lee C, Harrington B, Cannesson M, Rinehart J. (2015). "Variability in practice and factors predictive of total crystalloid administration during abdominal surgery: retrospective two-centre analysis." Br J Anaesth 114(5): 767-776.
  2. Ramsingh D, Rinehart J, Kain Z, Strom S, Canales C, Alexander B, Capatina A, Ma M, Le KV, Cannesson M.(2015). "Impact assessment of perioperative point-of-care ultrasound training on anesthesiology residents." Anesthesiology 123(3): 670-682.
  3. Rinehart J, C. Canales (2015). "Closed-loop pharmacology in anesthesia and critical care: benefits and limitations." Int Anesthesiol Clin 53(2): 91-101.
  4. Rinehart J, Lilot M, Lee C, Joosten A, Huynh T, Canales C, Imagawa D, Demirjian A, Cannesson M.(2015). "Closed-loop assisted versus manual goal-directed fluid therapy during high-risk abdominal surgery: a case-control study with propensity matching." Crit Care 19: 94.
  5. Rinehart J, Lee TC, Kaneshiro K, Tran MH, Sun C, Kain ZN. (2016). "Perioperative blood ordering optimization process using information from an anesthesia information management system." Transfusion 56(4): 938-945.

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