Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care: School of Medicine: University of California, Irvine

Simulation Training

UC Irvine Health Perioperative Simulation Center

The UC Irvine Health Perioperative Simulation Center, located at the UC Irvine Medical Center, combines a small-scale simulation center and mobile simulation activities to provide medical simulation research, education, and training for perioperative needs within the medical center. Our unique combination of resources allows for private simulations on the medical campus as well as in-situ simulations within the hospital itself.

Simulation Airway Session

The Perioperative Simulation Center currently provides an avenue to promote patient safety through evaluation of systems and practices. Our center provides a wraparound service, assisting with assessment of problems; creation of research and education plans, and evaluation of the results of implemented plans.

Simulation is also a growing tool for education and training healthcare professionals. The Perioperative Simulation Center provides high fidelity simulations and workshops for attending physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, students, and the community.

Simulation Control Room

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To assess, define, and provide solutions to perioperative healthcare needs in order to improve patient safety through simulation technology based education and research for healthcare professionals and the community.

Core Values

Provide a systematic approach to evaluate needs and gaps of perioperative systems, multidisciplinary teams, and competencies of clinicians.

Establish technologically innovative and multimodal simulation approaches to research, policy, and curriculum development.

Strive to meet the highest standard of excellence in the clinical setting through robust training and research of clinical education, patient safety, and multidisciplinary teamwork.

Focus on skill sets to promote cohesiveness and a culture of accountability to patient safety, system evaluation, and transparency within departments and the medical center.

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