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Fellowship in Perioperative Medicine

Anesthesiology is currently going through a transformational change from being primarily involved with only the intraoperative phase of care for the surgical patient to becoming involved with the care and management of the surgical patient from the point that the decision for surgery is made to 30 days post discharge. This new concept is call the "Perioperative Surgical Home".

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The Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care at UC Irvine has positioned itself to be an industry leader in developing care models for Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) across multiple surgical specialties. Additionally, anesthesiologist are many times asked to assume strong management positions in perioperative services and UC Irvine is again an industry leader in the business of managing perioperative services. As a result we have developed a Perioperative Medicine Fellowship to help train and prepare the anesthesiologist leaders of the future.

Our fellowship program is organized into a program of rotations and educational experiences, both mandatory and elective, designed to provide each fellow with the opportunity to learn about Perioperative Medicine with a concentration in either Perioperative Surgical Home or Perioperative Management. The fellowship is flexibly tailored to each candidate based on their individual needs and desires and the current needs of the department.

This fellowship is 12 months in length and may be modified at the discretion and agreement between the fellow and the Program Director. Recruitment is ongoing and positions are dependent upon extramural funding.

left quotationIf you want to learn about the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) - UC Irvine is the place to be. There's a core group of faculty mentors who are dedicated to PSH from whom you will learn how to provide the best possible perioperative experience for the surgical patient from pre-op optimization, high quality inpatient care of often medically complex patients, to assuring complete post operative care after discharge.
This fellowship will teach you lessons that go beyond just the clinical training. The skills you will learn during the fellowship will be essential no matter what direction your career will take you afterwards. right quotation
- Brian Lee, MD (Fellowship Graduate 2015)


Perioperative Medicine Fellowship ManagementFellows that are accepted into this program will receive formal and hands-on training in the management of anesthesia services, perioperative services, perioperative medicine, and the larger healthcare system. In perioperative management, the fellows will gain experience and knowledge in risk management, quality assurance, performance improvement, patient safety, regulatory affairs, compliance, billing and financial management. The fellowship will provide the opportunity to develop a practical understanding about the development and implementation of the Perioperative Surgical Home model of care. The fellow will gain leadership skill in building and monitoring evidence-based clinical pathways and developing a patient centered care approach. Fellows will gain experience with the supervision of medical students, residents, nurse practitioners and nurses in the perioperative environment and will have an opportunity to develop teaching and/or research skills.

Perioperative Medicine Fellowship RoundsLearning is accomplished through daily work in the perioperative environment, rounding, lectures, other didactic activities, project development, seminars, reading, research, committee work and time spent with experts and leaders from various departments at the UC Irvine Health Medical Center, UC Irvine Health School of Medicine, and the UC Irvine School of Business.

Prior to graduation, fellows will be required to complete and submit an approved project in an area of interest to be presented to the department at grand rounds, which is attended by faculty, residents, CRNAs, nurse practitioners and medical students.

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Facilities and Resources

UC Irvine Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility that has:

  • 19 operating rooms in the main hospital
  • 2 obstetric (OB) operating rooms
  • 3 gastroenterology (GI) operating rooms
  • Multiple remote locations
  • 4 outpatient operating rooms
  • 3 outpatient operating rooms at the Main Campus
  • Active and evolving preoperative clinic


The fellow will work as a Health Sciences Clinical Instructor two days per week and have some weekend/holiday call responsibility, thereby self-funding his/her fellowship. Salary will be approximately $80,000 per annum with benefits. Four weeks vacation and one week of conference time is provided per year.


Physicians must be board certified or board eligible in anesthesiology. Anesthesiology residents currently in their CA-3 year of training are welcomed as well.

Application Process

Applications will be asked to submit the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement expressing why he/she is interested in this fellowship

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview with the director of the fellowship program, who is also vice chair of clinical affairs, two other faculty members and the chair of the department. Since the fellow will also be acting as a clinical instructor and teaching residents several days per week, he/she will also interview with the vice chair for education and an associate program director.

To apply, please log on to the UC Irvine Academic Personnel Recruit website.

Contact Information

Please direct all inquires to (email preferred):

Britney Prince
Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 714-456-5835

Douglas Vaughn, MD
Director, Perioperative Medicine
Program Director
Associate Clinical Professor

Navid Alem, MD
Associate Program Director
Assistant Clinical Professor

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