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Our Combined Program Residents

Welcome from the Chief Resident

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our Combined Pediatrics and Anesthesiology Residency Program. As one of the first institutions to establish this type of program, we have had a few years to expand and develop our unique training experience. Here you’ll have a broad and rigorous training program that will prepare you for a career track that includes, but not limited to, pediatric anesthesia, pediatric critical care and pediatric pain medicine. Residents from our program have been competitive fellowship applicants and have received interviews from top fellowship programs throughout the nation.

My vision as Chief this year is to enhance cohesion between the individual pediatric and anesthesia training experiences and promote cross-specialty education. One thing I have learned over the course of four years of combined-training is that we emerge with a very specific skill set and knowledge base; as such, it behooves us to demonstrate this by teaching anesthesia related concepts while on pediatric rotations, and vice versa. Our combined residents have created and presented lectures, demonstrations and worked as instructors in pediatric Point-of-Care Ultrasonography, to name a few examples. I believe that we do not just wear two separate hats of “anesthesia” or “pediatrics” rather, we wear one big hat of a combined pediatrics-anesthesia resident and you, as the resident, can define what that means based on your career aspirations and clinical interests. If you are a self-directed learner looking for a unique program to set you apart from the rest, look no further.

Please feel free to reach out to me, or any of our other combined residents for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mohammad Esfahanian, MD (PGY-5)

Combined Program Residents

Kevin Scolaro, MD Photo

Kevin Scolaro, MD (PGY-2)


Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Undergrad: University of Texas

Medical School: Texas Tech School of Medicine

Anesthesia-Pediatric Interest: Pediatric Anesthesia

The top three things that brought me to the program is the unique opportunity to train with two strong residency programs, the potential for growth in pediatric anesthesiology, and the people. The residents from all of the different programs that we work closely with are amazing and together build a strong sense of family. People often ask if moving from Texas was difficult, but the friendly, kind natured people make me feel right at home.

Marc Parris, MD Photo

Marc Parris, MD (PGY-3)


Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY

Undergrad: Harvard University

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco

Anesthesia-Pediatric Interest: PICU

The top three things that brought me to the program is that anesthesiology had the most unique aspects related to the program: extensive simulation exposure, "4U" Didactics educational days, Perioperative Surgical Home and active research in OR technology. Pediatrics offers a diverse experience at two children’s hospitals and an academic center. Another plus is that UC Irvine has the best residents; they were all happy, eager to meet me, honest, and fun to be around. Although I still love the East Coast and miss snowfall, Orange County and SoCal living can't be beat, especially with the beaches and affordability compared to other large cities!

Alan Hoang, MD Photo

Alan Hoang, MD (PGY-4)


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Undergrad: Boston University

Medical School: Boston University

Anesthesia-Pediatric Interest: Pediatric Perioperative Surgical Home, medical education

The top three things that brought me to the program is the amazing training in both fields, strong pediatric anesthesiology presence in anesthesiology residency program and department administration, and the anesthesia department being the forefront of the Perioperative Surgical Home. Being in New England for so long, location was an added bonus.

Mohammad Esfahanian, MD Photo

Mohammad Esfahanian, MD (PGY-5), Chief Resident


Hometown: Okemos, MI

Undergrad: Michigan State University

Medical School: Wayne State University

Anesthesia-Pediatric Interest: Pediatric anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesia

The top three things that brought me to the program is the strong training and exposure to both "bread & butter" and sub-specialty pediatrics at multiple freestanding children's hospitals for pediatrics. For anesthesia there are ample resources, happy residents and the technological strength and innovation in both simulation and clinical practice. Both are busy services that prepare us well for our careers.