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Administrative Staff

Patrick Manalastas, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
Email: pmanalas@hs.uci.edu


Haideh Ghodsirasti
Management Services Officer - Advanced Practice Providers
Email: hgodsir@hs.uci.edu

Dianne Kwok
Digital Communications Specialist
Email: diannelk@hs.uci.edu

Paola Plata
Executive Assistant, Director of Pain Services
Email: pplata@hs.uci.edu

Kimberly Queen
Quality Assurance and Compliance Coordinator
Email: kqueen@hs.uci.edu

Emily Smith
Executive Assistant, Chair
Email: smithec@hs.uci.edu


Business Office

Heather Alvarado
Purchasing Coordinator
Email: hperaza@hs.uci.edu

Tracy Baker
Personnel/Payroll Coordinator
Email: tlanders@hs.uci.edu

Mine Demir
Finance Manager
Email: mdemir@hs.uci.edu

Yan Deng
Finance Analyst
Email: yand6@hs.uci.edu


Rhonda Chu
Medical Education Supervisor
Email: anesthrescoor@uci.edu

Rogelio (Roger) Hernandez
Fellowship Coordinator
Email: anesthfellowship@uci.edu

Soraida Rodriguez
Education Administrative Assistant
Email: soraidar@hs.uci.edu

Dean Wong
Medical Student Coordinator
Medical Simulation Coordinator
Email: deanw@hs.uci.edu

Derya Yu
Education Administrative Assistant
Email: deryay@hs.uci.edu



Paulette Mensah
Clinical Research Coordinator
Email: pmensah@hs.uci.edu


Karen Aguirre
Scheduling Coordinator
Email: karena2@hs.uci.edu

Meghan Emery
Scheduling Coordinator
Email: maemery@hs.uci.edu

Tatiana Estrada
Scheduling Coordinator
Email: castrot1@hs.uci.edu

Ngan Ly
Scheduling Coordinator
Email: nganl2@hs.uci.edu