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Safety Initiatives

Electronic medical record

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A sample of the intraoperative electronic medical record patient overview. Case information and patient data is visible and readily accessible to all operating room personnel. Antibiotic dosing is automatically tracked, as is surgical time and relevant lab values. All of this is managed in real time by the electronic medical record software.

Summary report of an electronic medical record

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The electronic medical record also allows for summary reports on virtually all aspects of intraoperative care. This allows us to track trends in surgical volumes, case types and durations, and room delays, as well as track the performance on individual surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Results of performace criteria

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Federal and regulatory bodies are increasingly focusing on specific criteria used to pay hospitals for performance. In other words, hospitals with better patient outcomes will be paid better for their work. All of our performance criteria are tracked by our records systems automatically and kept up to date so that lapses can be addressed immediately.