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AIG hosts informative and interactive workshops throughout the year for medical students to participate. Some workshops planned for the year are:

  • Airway workshops
  • Vascular access
  • Perioperative simulation
  • Post-match advice
  • Boot camp

Mentoring Program

Along with interactive workshops throughout the year, AIG has an ongoing mentoring program that is open to all medical students who are interested in learning more about anesthesiology! Students are paired with an anesthesiologist and can explore the different subspecialties including general OR, cardiac, obstetrics, and regional.

Past Workshops

MS1/MS2 Meeting

OR Code WorkshopAbout 20 people attended the MS1/MS2 meeting where Daniel Orlovich, MS4 lead a discussion on the field of anesthesiology. Topics included were common myths about anesthesiology, personal reasons for pursuing the field, traits of a good anesthesiologist and how best to get involved.

Some positive feedback from participants:

"I really appreciated how the presenter talked about the good and bad about the field. He was very honest and transparent about what works, what we can do if we are interested."

"Clear presentation. Glad that he went into some of the differences of fellowships post-anesthesia residency."

"Personal anecdotes were supplemented with raw figures, giving students a realistic process on how to pursue anesthesiology. "

Peds-Anesthesia Lecture

Love kids? Interested in Anesthesiology? Not sure what you want to do with your life? Did you know you could do a combined residency in Pediatrics and Anesthesia? The Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG) and the Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) are proud to present two of the finest current combined anesthesiology-pediatric residents, Dr. Mohammad Esfahanian and Dr. Alan Hoang! They will be talking to us about their specialty, the path they took to get to where they are, their very competitive residency, and they'll also be answering any questions students might have.

Intro Meeting/Real Deal Talk

Anesthesiologists from the UC Irvine Health Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care, Dr. Katherine McCartney and Dr. Joseph Rinehart led a very informative session on what Anesthesiology is really all about and what it is like to be an Anesthesiologist on a day-to-day basis.

Residency Interview Advising Session

This event was designed for MS3s and MS4s who are interested in applying for anesthesia residency. Three esteemed anesthesia faculty from the UC Irvine Health Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care, Dr. Suzanne Strom, Dr. Ashley Broussard, and Dr. Padma Gulur provided valuable and informative advice on how to successfully apply for an anesthesia residency. They were all very detailed in answering any questions from medical students.

OR Code Workshop

What You Should Know Before Your Anesthesiology Rotation

This session will be a great opportunity for those going into anesthesiology and those who are just planning to do an anesthesiology elective for fun.

Topics to be covered:

  • OR set-up
  • ASA Physical Status Classification System
  • Airway exam
  • Overview of induction
  • Four grades of laryngoscopic view and how to communicate with the team during intubation
  • The anesthesia machine and monitors
  • The medical student role

Post Match AIG Advising Session

Our MS4s had an amazing match! For anyone considering anesthesiology, awesome MS4s who matched into anesthesia dedicated the time to share some advice. Students were able to learn about sculpting applications, interviews, anesthesia residency specifics, and more!

Annual UC Irvine School of Medicine World of Medicine (WoM) Day

OR Code Workshop

The day was designed as an exposure to the field of medicine for UC Irvine undergraduate students. It included a welcome speech by the WOM committee and the Dean of Admissions, Dr. Peterson. Students were also given preparation facts from the Office of Admissions to provide the students accurate information on applying to medical school. Undergraduates enjoyed a medical student panel for premed students to ask any questions they liked, a club fair with multiple School of Medicine student clubs, medical centric lectures, and hands-on clinical workshops with 11 different specialties of medicine courtesy of various medical student specialty interest groups.

The day’s activities utilized the entire state-of-the-art Medical Education. Students had a chance to cycle through numerous medical specialty centric workshops, and gained experience in such clinical skills as suturing, history taking, physical exam skills, intubation, and a live operating room case simulation that put the students in the surgeons or anesthesiologists shoes.

Airway and Vascular Access Workshop

OR Code WorkshopAbout thirty students attended this fun hands-on workshop led by Dr. Rinehart. Students rotated between three stations including full simulation, intubation, and IV and epidural access. The workshop was held in the Simulation Center in the Medical Education Building on Irvine Campus and covered airway management with direct laryngoscopy, glidescopes, fiberoptic scopes, and retrograde wire intubation.

OR Code Workshop

This workshop combined four different activities to prepare and introduce students to a realistic code environment. Students were introduced with a short lecture about some background on what a “code” is. Students then participated in an airway session where they were able to practice different types of intubation techniques. A circulation session included an overview of the uses of defibrillation, pharmaceuticals, blood transfusion, other fluids and IV access. The workshop concluded with small groups of students engaged in a full code simulation to test their knowledge.