UC Irvine Anesthsiology Interest Group

Email to contact board members on how to become a part of AIG or to participate in one of our upcoming workshops.

Kevin Roy photo

Kevin Roy, MS4
email: roykm@uci.edu

Olivia Kaminsky Photo

Olivia Kaminsky, MS4
email: kaminsky@uci.edu

Jennifer Nam photo

Chair of Finance
Jennifer Nam, MS4
email: jdnam1@uci.edu

Erica Parker photo

Director MS3/MS4 Events
Erica Parker, MS3
email: emparke1@uci.edu

Austin Crochetiere Photo

Director MS1/MS2 Events
Austin Crochetiere, MS2
email: acrochet@uci.edu

Michael Friedman photo

Chair of Communications
Michael Friedman, MS3
email: sfriedm1@uci.edu

Jeanette Chin photo

Board Advisor
Jeanette Chin, MD
email: jeanetlc@uci.edu

Kyle Paredes, MD, MBA photo

Faculty Advisor
Kyle Paredes, MD, MBA
email: paredesk@uci.edu